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Bullard 41 Series Airline Filter

Bullard 41 Series airline filters can be used in conjunction with other compressor safeguards to supply cleaner air to airline respirators. Seven layer filtration media effectively traps water, oil, particulates, odors, and organic vapors so that cleaner air can be delivered to workers or equipment. Carded cotton, felt material, activated charcoal and activated alumina work in sequence for air filtration. The 41 Series airline filters can help deliver air for up to six workers.


The Bullard 41 Series Airline Filters include the 41A (single outlet), 41P2 (two-outlets), 41P2WM (two-outlets and wall mountable), 41P6 (six-outlets), 41P6WM (six-outlets and wall mountable). The 41 Series Filters are Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Portable and Versatile.

  • Heavy duty, steel housing withstands rugged industrial environments

  • Available in two outlet and six outlet models for respirator use and single outlet model for non-respirator use

  • Offers easy portability, weighing approximately 23 pounds (10.5 kg)

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