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Reflex Marine Wave-4 Personnel Transfer Basket

Safely and Steadily Transfer Your Crew

WAVE-4 brings all the benefits of a seated transfer carrier to a product for standing passengers.

  • Convenient for landing, storage, and shipping, with the smallest footprint of any rigid basket or device.

  • Simple maintenance schedule, reduced maintenance downtime.

  • Secure passenger positioning with added security from vertical safety restraints.

  • Buoyant and self-righting in case of immersion.

  • Easy MedEvac mode: slide-in stretcher, in case of immersion the casualty remains above the waterline.

  • Rapid entry and exit from clear access points.

  • Ideal for low volume routine crew transfers, medical evacuations and as part of a contingency plan.

Key Features

  • Durable materials ensure long unit lifespan

  • Simple Inspection & Maintenance with all parts easily replaceable

  • Network of Approved Service Partners to support you with maintenance and management of replacement parts for the carrier

  • Training available including Familiarization and I&M training

  • Rent and lease options available including comprehensive long-term rental with servicing (complete unit management)

Call or email us for more details to match your specific need.

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