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Founded in 2014, Valvetight offers an unique solution to a widespread problem of passing valves. Instead of repairing valves or greasing them, Valvetight supplies a tool, DBB-SAVER that creates a vacuum lock preventing a flow of medium to the safe working area.


The DBB-SAVER is used to fully prevent any leakage through either a Double Block & Bleed valve configuration or through a Single Isolation valve (e.g. ball, gate or plug valve).

The DBB-SAVER is able to create a vacuum in a valve with up and downstream valve seats, or in the bleed section of a conventional double block and bleed (DBB) setting. This will create an isolation, where it becomes impossible for gases, hydrocarbons and other hazardous gases/fumes to reach the safe work area.


OTC Asia 2020 - Spotlight on New Technology Winner


The Spotlight on New TechnologySM Awards – an exclusive programme for OTC Asia exhibitors – recognizes and showcases the latest and most advanced hardware and software technologies that are propelling the industry into the future. This programme is a hallmark of the Offshore Technology Conference’s (OTC) events worldwide.

Valvetight's DBB-SAVER is recognized as innovative and a ground-breaking solution for the Oil & Gas industry.

Email us at to find out how we can help you with your passing valves!

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