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DONUT Safety Systems

An Innovative Range of Portable Personal Escape Products


DONUT is the established market leader in the development and manufacture of personal escape descent devices.

The mission of the Donut group is to provide an innovative, novel and unique approach to safety escape systems for use at sea or land.

The patented Donut Personal Controlled Descent Device is the offshore industry standard. It was designed and developed in a response to the Piper Alpha tragedy, with the cooperation of the UK Regulatory Authorities and North Sea operators.

Donut Personal Controlled Descent Devices are available in standard descent lengths of 15m, 32m, 46m, 65m & 76m and in either liferaft compatible (guided escape to raf) or standard (vertical descent) model types. Longer lengths available on special order.

Advantages of Donut

  1. Cost – if properly maintained and re-certified, the Donut need only be purchased once within the lifetime of an asset.

  2. Inspection – Donut requires to be inspected only once every 5 years within a recognised inspection scheme.

  3. Fixed means, can’t reach them, can’t use them – Donut is highly portable allowing the user to choose the best time and position to make their escape.

  4. Multi-user system, people may have to wait their turn – Donut is one man, one use, with no reliance to wait for others.

  5. Physical effort – Donut requires no physical strength by the user to operate.

  6. Once at the bottom the user has no other option than to enter water – Donut allows the user to stop their descent and lock off above the water, remaining dry, visible and warm to await rescue.

  7. No provision for casualties – Donut Rescue can be used to evacuate injured or unconscious personnel.

Donut Cost Comparison

DONUT has identify that by replacing Rope-Ladders with DONUT units on a typical installation, operators can make significant savings when total life-cycle costs are taken into consideration. The below example highlights the savings that can be made, whilst benefitting from the numerous & substantial technical advantages that DONUT provides.


Cost Comparison Example

This example is based on data provided by an offshore operator for a typical Offshore Installation’s escape requirements, showing direct cost comparison for:-

100 x Donut Descent Devices  

Every worker to have access to their own personal Device. The Units are designed as an escape-to-liferaft system for worker safety. The model specified allows for a safe escape from 32m platform height (longer lengths are available). The units have a life expectancy of over 25 years.

16 x Rope Ladders

The 100 Donut Devices would be a replacement for just 16 Rope Ladders that, due to rapid degradation, require replacement every 9 months. (Data obtained from an offshore operator).

Call or email us for more details to match your specific need.

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