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Corrosion Resistant (CR) Cartridge Operated Mobile ABC/Monnex Fire Extinguisher

The EVERSAFE range of dry powder extinguishers is charged with specially fluidised and siliconised mono ammonium phosphate powder which offers resistance to compaction where the extinguisher is installed in a location subjected to vibration. It is safe and effective for use on Class A (carbonaceous), Class B (flammable liquid) and Class C (flammable gas) fires and also suitable for use on live electrical fires.

  • Colour coded self adhesive band (complies to BS381 ref:166)

  • Stainless Steel Neck Ring, Squeeze Lever and Bottom Handle

  • External Body Coated with Epoxy Marine Paint System

  • Squeeze Grip Head Cap Body (Nickle Chromed)

  • Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Hose

  • Maintenance Record Tag

  • High Performance

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