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Corrosion Resistant (CR) Stored Pressure Mobile CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Carbon dioxide gas is an efficient fire extinguishing agent which offers unique properties to the users. It works by smothering the flames by reducing the oxygen content around the fire. Carbon dioxide is the ideal agent for use on Class B and C fires. It is non-conductive and particularly effective against fires in electrical plant and equipments. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are used throughout industries as protection against complex industrial fires which involve dangerous chemicals and gases. Carbon dioxide does not deteriorate with storage or freeze in container. It disperses after use and does not leave contamination or corrosive residue.

  • Colour coded self adhesive band (complies to BS381 ref:166)

  • Stainless Steel Neck Ring, Squeeze Lever and Bottom Handle

  • External Body Coated with Epoxy Marine Paint System

  • Squeeze Grip Head Cap Body (Nickle Chromed)

  • Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Hose

  • Maintenance Record Tag

  • High Performance

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