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Reference Projects

General Use on FPSO for Gas & Liquid Application, Shell Bonga, Nigeria


Execution of general maintenance works.

Shell Nigeria operates the Bonga FPSO, 120km offshore of the coast of Nigeria in deep waters. It produces both Oil and Gas. The Oil is stored and pumped over to tanker vessels, and the gas is piped onshore.

The Bonga team were faced with passing valves hampering safe execution of maintenance sometimes, and would then require interruption of operations. However, with the DBB-SAVER technology, the team is able to keep operations up, whilst still being able to perform safe maintenance behind otherwise passing valves.

The Bonga team decided for long term relationship with Valvetight and will use the DBB-SAVER as standard on their asset. The DBB-SAVER is used on both gas and oil containing systems.


Reduction of platform downtime and limit blowdown volume.

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