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Reference Projects

Safe Access to Expansion Project Tie-in for LNG Application at

Gate Terminal, The Netherlands


Removal of blind flange of 40” pipeline LNG system

Gate Terminal is a joint venture between Vopak and Gasunie and operates a LNG terminal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which is a major access point for imported LNG for the European energy market.


During preparations to integrate a new pipeline system in its LNG terminal infrastructure it was found that the primary block valve of the required tie-in point was passing LNG. Consequently, removal of the blind flange to connect the new pipeline system was considered unsafe and therefore connection was impossible without depressurization of the upstream pipeline system.


Valvetight was asked to deploy the DBB-SAVER technology to make safe online removal of the 40 inch blind flange possible, without depressurizing the bordering installations, making use of the Valvetight cryogenic liquid removal tool and the DBB-SAVER.


After thorough preparation, the tie-in has been successfully performed with zero leakage towards the safe work area.


For future services, Gate Terminal decided for long term operational lease of the DBB-SAVER with full LNG specs and auxiliary equipment.


Successful proof of concept, job planned

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