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Reference Projects

Multiple Bleed Points for Hot Work on Vessel, NAM UGS, Norg


Planned maintenance (hot work on a pressure vessel)

The DBB-SAVER was used to perform work on equipment on the Underground Gas Storage Norg in The Netherlands, owned by NAM and operated by Shell. hot work (welding) had to be performed on a pressure vessel.


The DBB-SAVER was used to secure both inlet and outlet valves and their equalization bypasses, so four bleed points in total. These were all connected to a 100 meter long temporary vacuum header system, delivered and installed by Valvetight. Two DBB-SAVERs were connected to this central header, one as primary unit and the second as a back-up in case of increased leakage, which would be automatically activated if necessary.


The DBB-SAVERs stayed in operation for 12 days, providing a safe work area.


Saving blowdown volume, outage time and outage of remaining plant

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