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Reference Projects

Safe Pig Receiver Access at Santos Energy, Australia


Safe pig receiver trap opening

Santos GLNG is a joint venture between Santos, PETRONAS, Total and KOGAS operated by the Australian energy company Santos. Santos GLNG produces coal seam gas in the Surat and Bowen Basins in Eastern Queensland, Australia.

At the end of the 520km pipeline, feeding the LNG plant, is a pig receiver. Santos GLNG is facing passing valves on both 40” main line and 24” kicker line valves, which hinders them from opening the pig receiver safely and causes production loss. To open the pig receiver safely, Santos GLNG engaged with Valvetight to solve their passing valves using the DBB-SAVER.

The gas produced by Santos GLNG is treated with glycol, which means the bleed points are low point drains. The DBB-SAVER was forced into two bleed sections; one between the main pig trap valves and the other between the kicker valves. With this configuration, Valvetight could prove vacuum was there as the whole pig trap was on vacuum and this prevents production losses during their pigging campaign.  

All equipment is left in-situ and Santos team will operate DBB-SAVER themselves for next pig receiving. The DBB-SAVER started deployment in 2020 and will stay with GLNG for the duration of the pigging campaign until 2022.


Prevention of production losses during pigging campaign

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