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Interspiro S Face Masks & Breathing Valves

The S-H mask is equipped with an ambient air hatch enabling the user to have the mask fully donned and still breathe ambient air to save the compressed air
in the cylinder. With a very simple operation, a push on the hatch cover, the air from the cylinder is activated.

With this solution the user is always sure to have a perfect seal. The risk for improper mounting of the breathing valve while wearing the mask is eliminated when it is kept correctly connected at all times.

The breathing valve has a positive lock to the mask providing a secure connection at all times. After preparing and connecting the mask to the breathing valve there is no risk for unintentional disconnection.

The mask and breathing valve design is very compact with no protruding parts which gives unrestricted visibility and reduce the risk of snagging and mechanical damage. The silent operation of the mask gives minimal noise interference and excellent communication possibilites.

Other characteristics

With valve, filter, bayonet connection

mask no..PNG
  1. Secure positive lock connection of the breathing valve to the face mask.

  2. Demand controlled and

  3. activated from inner mask providing excellent breathing performance.

  4. Open ambient air hatch is indicated with a highly visible indicator arm.

  5. Prepared and compatible with voice communication systems, ”Heads-Up Display” and spectacle kit.

  6. Ergonomic head harness with easily operated buckles.

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