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Dropsafe Net

The Dropsafe Nets are dropped object prevention devices, that reduce the risk of harm to people and critical equipment caused by items falling from height.


The Nets enclose and tether items and fixtures located at height (such as lights, speakers, horns, CCTV cameras, etc.) to prevent these items from becoming a dropped objects hazard (from impact, fatigue, corrosion, vibration or poor maintenance).

Each Dropsafe Net is designed for a specific fixture type, taking into consideration the dimensions, mounting bracket configuration and weight of the fixture to ensure a correct fit. This is critical to minimise shock load in the case of a drop and ensure the net performs.

The Dropsafe Net is designed for use in the following areas:

  • Fixtures located above personnel

  • Fixtures on mobile equipment (e.g. crane booms, derricks, drill rigs)

  • Fixtures in potential impact zones of mobile equipment

  • Fixtures and mountings exposed to vibration wear and fatigue

  • Fixtures prone to oxidization and galvanic action (internal and external corrosion)

  • Fixtures located above operations’ critical equipment

  • Fixtures located in areas difficult to access for maintenance or inspection

  • Securing items being replaced, maintained or repaired in situ

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