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Dropsafe Pouches

The Dropsafe Pouches are safety securing devices designed to secure handheld items used at height (such as two-way radios, portable gas detectors, aerosol spray cans and multimeters).

The Pouch fully encloses the item being secured and tethers the item to the user, preventing it from becoming a dropped or falling objects hazard.

The Dropsafe Pouches is designed for use in the following areas:

All areas where work or access is required at height, where single handed use of an item is required and there is risk of dropping, damaging or losing an item.


  • Instant safety solution

  • Fully encloses and tethers item being secured

  • Heavy duty belt clip allows versatile use of item

  • Plastic coated components to prevent item being scratched

  • Products available to fit a variety of hand held items

Pouches features.PNG
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